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metalshadowx2's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 225 (From 38 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 4,515 Points

Addicting Game

200 coins Unlocked 9/30/10
5 Points
Collect total 200 addicting coins
400 coins Unlocked 9/30/10
10 Points
Collect total 400 addicting coins
win 10 5 Points Clear 10 addicting levels
win 20 10 Points Clear 20 addicting levels
800 coins 25 Points Collect total 800 addicting coins
win 30 25 Points Clear 30 addicting levels
1600 coins 50 Points Collect total 1600 addicting coins
win 40 50 Points Clear 40 addicting levels

Medals Earned: 2/8 (15/180 points)

Adventure Story

Clouds Disappear Unlocked 3/6/12
5 Points
Collapse a cloud by standing on it.
Ice is Slippery Unlocked 3/6/12
5 Points
Stand on ice and slide around.
Lava is Hot Unlocked 3/6/12
5 Points
Stand on lava for too long and get hurt.
Shrooms are Bouncy Unlocked 3/3/12
5 Points
Bounce off a mushroom and into the air.
Watch Your Step Unlocked 3/3/12
5 Points
Collapse a wooden platform by walking over it.
Animal Cruelty Unlocked 3/3/12
10 Points
Drop an enemy into some spikes, and watch it suffer.
Foe Juggler Unlocked 3/3/12
10 Points
Keep an enemy up in the air by attacking it.
Frost Bite Unlocked 3/6/12
10 Points
Hit an enemy with a dangling icicle.
Master Mage Unlocked 3/3/12
10 Points
Cast a level 3 spell.
Master Warrior Unlocked 3/6/12
10 Points
Lose your ability to cast spells, you don't need them.
Newbie Mage Unlocked 3/3/12
10 Points
Cast a spell for the first time.
Newbie Warrior Unlocked 3/3/12
10 Points
Discover the standard 3-hit melee combo.
Self Destruction Unlocked 3/3/12
10 Points
Defeat any boss with their own projectiles.
Spikes are Painful Unlocked 3/3/12
10 Points
Fall into a pit of spikes and regret it.
Balanced Skillset Unlocked 3/3/12
25 Points
Buy the weakest version of every spell.
Desert Dash 10 Points Beat Level 7 in under 50 seconds.
Foe Bouncer 10 Points Perform a massive aerial combo by bouncing off enemies.
Forest Jog 10 Points Beat level 3 in under 40 seconds.
Glacier Run 10 Points Beat Level 13 in under 60 seconds.
The Credits 10 Points Check out the credits page and maybe visit some links.
Volcano Sprint 10 Points Beat Level 19 in under 70 seconds.
Boss Immunity 25 Points Defeat any boss without getting hit.
Endangered Species 25 Points Defeat 1000 foes in total.
Level Grinder 25 Points Reach an experience level of 30.
Power Up 25 Points Max out your HP and MP.
Boss Hunter 50 Points Complete the Boss Rush on hard or epic difficulty.
Foe Exterminator 50 Points Complete the Foe Rush on hard or epic difficulty.
Gold Hoarder 50 Points Collect every coin in every level.
Great Adventurer 50 Points Open every treasure chest in every level.
The End 100 Points Complete level 20, rescue the princess and finish the game.

Medals Earned: 15/30 (140/600 points)

Blob's Adventure

Tricked Traps Level 4 Unlocked 7/28/11
5 Points
Trick all the traps in level 4.
Tricked Traps Level 1 5 Points Trick all the traps in level 1.
Tricked Traps Level 3 5 Points Trick all the traps in level 3.
Broke The Engine 10 Points Find the secret room and break the engine!
Tricked Traps Level 2 10 Points Trick all the traps in level 2.
Tricked Traps Level 5 10 Points Trick all the traps in level 5.
Tricked Traps Level 9 10 Points Trick all the traps in level 9.
Tricked Traps Level 8 25 Points Trick all the traps in level 8. There are 2 traps.
Conglaturation 50 Points Beat the game.

Medals Earned: 1/9 (5/130 points)

Bobby's adventure

I'll just have one Unlocked 7/23/11
5 Points
Eat your first cookie
Killing spree Unlocked 7/23/11
5 Points
Kill 10 enemies
Super killing spree Unlocked 7/23/11
5 Points
Kill 25 enemies
The bigger they are Unlocked 7/23/11
5 Points
Defeat the boss
Thats a lot of bodies Unlocked 7/23/11
10 Points
Kill all of the enemies
What a day Unlocked 7/23/11
25 Points
Complete the game
Stockpile 5 Points Have over 50 lives
I hate spikes 10 Points No deaths from spikes
MY BOMB!!! 10 Points Dont drop the bomb
OM NOM NOM 10 Points Eat all the food in the game
Speed run 10 Points Complete game under 5 min
Unnecessary calories 10 Points Keep your lives under 15

Medals Earned: 6/12 (55/110 points)


The way the cookie crumbles Unlocked 3/3/12
5 Points
Beat the crap out of the first opponent!
Bad boy, bad! Unlocked 3/3/12
10 Points
Beat the crap out of the second opponent!
Robbing the robbers Unlocked 3/3/12
50 Points
Break through the giant safe and retrieve your wallet!
Terminated 25 Points Beat the crap out of the third opponent!
+99 LCK 50 Points Smash a lucky gummy in each of the 4 zones!
To infinity and beyond! 50 Points Travel a minimum of 15,000 meters in "Survival" mode!
Power junkie 100 Points Upgrade everything to the max!
Yes, sir! 100 Points Complete all missions!

Medals Earned: 3/8 (65/390 points)

Cave of Wonders

Rude awakening Unlocked 6/18/10
10 Points
Defeat Luis' 1st form.
Tighty whitey power Unlocked 6/18/10
10 Points
Defeat Luis' 2nd form.
Abyss-mal Unlocked 6/18/10
25 Points
Find the 2nd alternate ending.
Stack the deck Unlocked 6/18/10
25 Points
Defeat Luis' 3rd form.
Black Coffin 10 Points Die before beating Luis.
Grape Crush 25 Points Find the 1st alternate ending.
Flee powder 50 Points Escape the cave.
Lou Lou Zoom 50 Points Beat the game in under 200 seconds.
Real Ultimate Power 100 Points Complete all other achievements!
Exterminator Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 4/10 (70/315 points)

Chaos Faction 2

KILL IT WITH FIRE Unlocked 6/20/10
5 Points
Burn someone to a crisp
Recycler Unlocked 6/20/10
5 Points
Kill someone with a dropped weapon
Zoned Out Unlocked 6/20/10
5 Points
Complete all campaign challenges in Zone 1
Crate Expectations Unlocked 6/20/10
10 Points
Collect 20 crates in one match
In The Zone Unlocked 6/20/10
10 Points
Complete all campaign challenges in Zone 2
KAPOW! Unlocked 6/20/10
10 Points
Hit someone with a full-powered wind-up punch
Magic Number Unlocked 6/20/10
10 Points
Get a 3x multikill
Zero Gravity Unlocked 6/20/10
10 Points
Go offscreen and recover
Chaos Kudos Unlocked 6/20/10
25 Points
Complete all campaign challenges in the game
Immortal Unlocked 6/20/10
25 Points
Don't lose any lives in a campaign challenge
Pacifist Unlocked 6/20/10
50 Points
Complete a campaign challenge without harming anyone
Anger Management 10 Points Make 5 KO's with rage attacks in one match
4 On The Floor 25 Points Get a 4x multikill
Architect 25 Points Make an awesome level in the Level Editor and play a match on it
Veteran 25 Points Play 10 deathmatch games
Fantastic 5 50 Points Get a 5x multikill
Lift Off! 50 Points Knock someone into space
Survivor 50 Points Get a score of 10,000 or higher in Survival mode
Take The Plunge 50 Points Hold the plunger for 15 seconds in a row
Up And Away 50 Points Knock someone into the stratosphere

Medals Earned: 11/20 (165/500 points)


Die 100 Deaths Unlocked 7/23/11
5 Points
Die 100 times (in a single game)
30 Down... Unlocked 7/23/11
10 Points
Complete 30 rooms
Game Complete Unlocked 7/24/11
25 Points
Reach the end of the game

Medals Earned: 3/3 (40/40 points)

Cripple Cannon

Research Stage 1 Complete Unlocked 4/30/11
5 Points
complete Research Stage 1
Research Stage 2 Complete 10 Points complete Research Stage 2
Research Stage 3 Complete 25 Points complete Research Stage 3

Medals Earned: 1/3 (5/40 points)


Juggle Clown Unlocked 3/22/12
5 Points
Get a 10 hit Combo
This is too easy Unlocked 3/22/12
5 Points
Complete Normal Mode
exhaust VL Unlocked 3/22/12
10 Points
Use all Vandier's attacks
Pit of Doom Unlocked 3/22/12
10 Points
Force 5 enemies to fall to death
Special Expert Unlocked 3/22/12
10 Points
Keep Full Speical for 30 seconds
Rebel Scum Unlocked 3/22/12
50 Points
Die to the hands of the Lone Warrior
Contrast 5 Points Fiddle with the settings
Exhaust LW 5 Points Use all of main Character's attacks
Juggle Blade 10 Points Get a 20 hit Combo
Slaughter 10 Points Kill all eneimies
This is more like it 10 Points Complete Hard Mode
Destiny 25 Points Die to the hands of Vandheer Lorde
Orb Hunter 25 Points Collect 100 orbs
Pit of Death 25 Points Force 10 enemies to fall to death
Special Master 25 Points Keep Full Speical for 60 seconds
Juggle King 50 Points Get a 50 hit Combo
Speed Demon 50 Points Complete Culmination in 8 minutes
God of this world 100 Points Collect all Awards
Juggle God 100 Points Get a 60 hit Combo
Undefeated 100 Points Complete Culmination without dying

Medals Earned: 6/20 (90/630 points)